download dragon software for windows 10

Download Dragon Software For Window 10

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software that offers Vocabulary recognition for Natural speech. With the help of this software, you can easily create documents and files with the help of your voice as the software works on your voice command. There is no need to type on the keyboard as just by dictating you can edit the texts, format it, give commands to the system to open a program and work on it. You can also train the software to recognize your voice and can store the words which are used by your own daily basis. The software is really easy to download. You can check the system requirements before moving further. To download Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you need to follow the basic steps that will be discussed below and after that, you can proceed to install the software in the operating system.
System requirements required to install the software

Make sure that these requirements are met, if they aren’t, then the product won’t get installed in the system.

• Microsoft 2010 & 2013-supported
• RAM- 2 GB minimum for 32 bit & 4 GB for 64 bit
• Hard disk space- 4 GB
• Operating systems- Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Window server 2012
• Internet Explorer 9, the latest version of Firefox or Chrome
• Sound card- 16-bit recording
• Microphone approved by Nuance

Steps to download and install

• Go to the official website of Dragon NaturallySpeaking
• Select the type of program that you wish to download based on the comparison chart and click on the download button.
• The software will start to download
• After the software has been downloaded, to start the installation process close all the applications and programs running in the background.
• To install the software, administrative rights are required
• Disable the antivirus software temporarily.
• Now select the type of installation that you want, whether you want a complete or custom installation. It is suggested that you go for complete installation and now insert DVD into the drive.
• The installation process will start. If it doesn’t start, then go to the Internet Explorer and find the setup.exe and click on that.
• Once it has been installed then Windows installer will install ‘’Visual C++ Version 9.0 Runtime
• Quickly Accept the terms and conditions
• Once it has been installed now type the Username, Organization and Serial number provided to you during installation.

You can also try the custom installation to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. But that is recommended if you are not a novice user and have some experience with the software. Once the installation has been completed you will be required to set up Dragon NaturallySpeaking and activate the software.