Dragon Support

The Dragon Speech Recognition software is designed to reduce your workload and help you save time while creating documents and reports. The software allows you to create, transcribe, and customize documents using voice commands. You can call the Dragon customer service number and consult a certified software expert to learn more about the different features of Dragon and how you can use it to improve your work. You can go through this article to get a general overview of the latest feature available after the current Dragon updates.

Features of Dragon Professional Speaking upgrade

  • 15% More Accurate: The latest Dragon core uses more powerful computer specifications and can deliver more accurate results for users.
  • Faster Response Time: The new and updated Dragon software is able to adapt to a user’s computer resources and specifications. This further reduces latency errors while delivering results for users.
  • New Vocabulary Editor: The new Vocabulary Editor improves user experience by allowing you to search both written and spoken forms.
  • Multiple Audio Devices: Dragon allows you to use different USB microphones along with the same user profile, including Philip SpeechMike or Sennheiser wireless microphone.
  • Automatically Sorts Available Audio Devices: Dragon will help you select the best microphone so that you get the best accuracy when you connect it to your system.
  • New DragonBar: The new DragonBar feature automatically collapses and only takes up minimal screen space. This is especially useful if you have smaller monitors.
  • Control & Voice Commands in Google Chrome and Firefox: After the updates, Dragon provides full-text control on Chrome and Firefox. This allows users to dictate directly in text regions within your Google Chrome and Firefox browser. It also includes editing and correcting capabilities
  • Canadian English Vocabulary: Apart from the many technical features, the Dragon updates also include a Canadian English vocabulary option. Although not all the words include a Canadian variant.
  • Improved Custom Command Type: The updated Dragon features allows you to include any word in Dragon’s vocabulary as a variable within a command, thus giving you a synergy of boilerplate text and unique dictation.
  • Smart Format Rules: To help improve your text and your content Dragon offers better hints and suggestions for alternative words. However, this feature does not work when it comes to numbers.
  • Better Transcription Tools: Dragon can accurately transcribe a single speaker’s voice from audio files without the user having to create and train a profile using a sample recording of that single speaker.

If you have any additional queries about the features mentioned above, you can call the Dragon customer service number and speak to a trained technician to clarify your doubts. Dragon software experts are available 24 hours a day to help you resolve any error you may encounter while using Dragon Professionally Speaking.