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Nuance Dragon Support

Nuance is a multinational software technology corporation that is based in the USA and dealing with the speech recognition, telephone call steering system, automated telephone directory and so on. Now if you are using Nuance voice recognition for emails and another process, you get a complete customer satisfaction with the high-end technology. You can use it at your will. To use the service you need to login to the software but in some cases, it rejects your password, and you get into a troubled situation. Now if you want to get rid of the issue, you can contact at Dragon support number and get the easy solutions. However, this blog will also help you to remove the issue.

Possible reasons behind the issue:

  • There are some probable reasons that may cause this trouble, and a password is not working error occurs:
  • Software is not working
  • Network connection error
  • Nuance username is not working
  • Misspelled password
  • Password compromised

Easy solutions of the issue:

Once you get the reasons behind the issue you can easily solve the issue on your own with these methods:

Solution 1. Sometimes the software itself shows some error and unable to load properly and you get a password error message. There may be certain reasons behind the issue such as third-party antivirus software or firewall. You can fix these issues to make the software working.

Solution 2. You need to check the performance of your internet connection and reboot your router for once to make sure that you are using a strong internet connection and then again try to log into Nuance.

Solution 3. Sometimes your username doesn’t match with the exact username, and you don’t get the permission to get into the Nuance system. SO check your username and try again.

Solution 3. This is the most common reason for this issue when you enter misspelled password. You need to check twice whether you’re entering a correct password or not. Make sure that in your keyboard caps lock and num lock key is off and then try again. Sometimes your account is detected as a source of spam, and your account gets blocked.

Solution 4. In case you are using this service from cyber café or someone other’s laptop, then there is a possibility that your password may have been compromised. It may have changed accidentally or have been hacked. In both cases, you will the password not working issue.

This solution are proven methods and can make you able to fix the error on your own. However, in some cases, the problem is more specific, and these solutions can’t help you, so you need to call at Nuance contact number to get the prominent solution with some easy steps and a professional approach.