Nuance Dragon Support Number

Nuance Dragon is best speech recognition software in the world and has been dominating the market. It has simplified the life of the users by accurately interpreting the voice of a person and converting it into the written form. With the help of this software, it becomes easier for users to convert oral phrasing into written words. It is used on both Microsoft Windows & Mac devices. As explained about its efficiencies, it has become clear how vast this software is. So, it is quite obvious that users will come across several issues and problems while using the software. One of them is ‘Dragon speak not working’ which could occur due to no audio signal or poor quality,etc. There can be other reasons as well and to resolve the issue, you can contact Dragon customer service number to get assistance and guidance from the technical experts.

Steps to fix ‘Dragon speaker not working’ issue:

  • Ensure that your microphone is turned on and the button should appear green.
  • Make sure that the microphone you have selected is connected to a computer
  • You need to visit the ‘settings’ and ensure that the microphone appears in the sound preference pane
  • Make sure that the microphone you selected is configured to Dragon
  • You will be required to restart the software as well as the computer & then check if the issue still persists.
  • Make sure that the microphone has not moved away from the place you positioned it at the time of setup
  • Go through the microphone setup for every profile & audio source you use to ensure that it is properly calibrated for your voice
  • While using it, you need to keep background noise consistent. Although many microphones have the capability to cancel background noise, still its better to reduce the noise.
  • You will also have to take care that the correct user profile is open
  • You can try to recreate the audio source

If you face problem in the implementation of these steps or if you think that the issue still persists even after following the steps mentioned in the blog, you can immediately contact and speak to Dragon customer care number to avail additional assistance from the experts. These experts are available 24×7 and you are completely free to call them whenever you want. They provide you with a detailed and step by step solution to whatever problem you have been facing.