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Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is quite useful in voice search methods it provides you greater support by recognizing your normal and talking voice and predict the accurate search words. It manages the words to show up in a drifting tooltip as they are talked to get the best voice recognition system. After you stop speaking Dragon program interpret the words into the dynamic window and give you the accurate searches. If you face any trouble you can contact at Dragon Support for further assistance and get the full support form expert community and fix your issue. However, this article will also try to provide you some methods to improve the accuracy with Dragon NaturallySpeaking recorder edition.

Easy methods to optimize accuracy when using Dragon Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking Customer Support : If you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software you can access several ways to improve the accuracy of voice recognition. Running the Acoustic and language model optimizer or performing correction can improve the usability and analyzing the emails can also be helpful.

Method 1. Performing corrections

After transcribing the audio files, you should correct those words that were not recognized properly. Applying the performing correction methods you can process your voice recognition quite accurately. Now follow these steps:

  • You need to open a digital recorder user profile
  • Now click the “Transcribe” button on the Dragon Bar and transcribe the audio file
  • With mouse highlight those words that need to be corrected
  • To open the correction box press the “correction” button or click on the correction hotkey.
  • If you find any incorrect word is displayed, click the “spell that….” Option and type the correct word
  • Now press enter or click “Ok” to complete correction

Method 2. Analyzing e-mail

You can increase the accuracy of the e-mail tool by adding the name of the people into the Dragon vocabulary. Now you can edit these names and also use Dragon Scan to add user’s sent mail to the language model. It can easily increase the accuracy of Dragon software. You need to follow these steps:

  • Open your digital recorder profile
  • Now click on “Tools>Accuracy center”
  • The open the “Increase accuracy from e-mail” link and click the “Next” button
  • Choose the email service provider from the list
  • Now select any or both of these options
  • -Add contact names from e-mail to vocabulary
  • -Improve my speech files from my e-mail writing style
  • Then again choose “consider e-mail written since my last scan” or “consider all e-mail”
  • Now click on the “next” button to complete the process.

Get the Dragon NaturallySpeaking support for further assistance

You can easily improve the voice recognition software with these above-mentioned methods but in some cases, you require proper expert support to process these exercises. If you are not able to apply these methods on your own you should call at contact at Dragon Tech Support Number to make your process easier and can get the maximum support from the dedicated expert community.